What Can You Do in FundsFi Currently? Community Teams + The NETWORK

FundsFi is an Incubator & Investment DAO currently on Harmony Protocol. We’ve grown a lot over the past few months. We have a lot to offer to the community currently.

We announced the FundsFi NETWORK & FundsFi Community Teams and a whole lot of other amazing announcements. Go check them out in our discord or read our previous articles.


What is the NETWORK?

The FundsFi NETWORK is a network of many amazing individuals, who want to Innovate & turn their ideas into reality but don’t really know how.

FundsFi can solve that gap, with this network you will have massive networking opportunities with some very unique and amazing people amongst the crypto space.

By participating in the NETWORK you’re not only turning your ideas into reality but helping the entire Harmony Community Grow!

We can help with the backend and the frontend of the your project. All you will need to worry about is being you and making decisions for your project.

We support everyone! Seriously, just ask in the NETWORK category of our discord and let’s chat in #discussion channel.

Make sure to go the #roles channel in our discord and select one of these roles.
After you’ve done you can:

  • Create Teams of People with Same Interests as you!
  • Launch your own very unique project. Even if it’s something never been done before. We will support you massively.(All you need is a idea and your dedication)
  • We can provide a token for your project. ($FUNDS) Tokenomics will be managed for you if you want!

Also, don’t worry everything is confidential until you allow us to advertise it.

Everything is absolutely free for anyone and everyone who wants to launch a project. All we need in return is utility for the $FUNDS token and if you can’t figure out how to implement just ask us.

We will give you suggestions, you can change them or both of us can build on them.

Here is how to join the FundsFi NETWORK:

  1. Go to the #roles channel within our discord.

2. Then one or multiple roles of which you choose to become.

3. Then check the #roles-info channel for info on all of the roles listed above.

4. Feel Free to Introduce yourself in the NETWORK and get to know others!

Learn more about the NETWORK in our whitepaper!

FundsFi Community Teams

When participating in FundsFi Community Teams you not only have the chance to support the projects you love but you have the opportunity to get paid by them and us for your support.

The best part about Community Teams is that it is all your choice which project support, there is no minimum or maximum requirement for you to participate. You also have a chance to network with some very amazing project founders within our discord.

We are currently focusing on getting partnerships with projects. Leave a comment or tag us on a project’s tweet if you would like us to do some sort of partnership with them!

FundsFi Community Team members also, get to support the projects in the NETWORK.

Here is how you can join the FundsFi Community Teams:

  1. Go to #roles and scroll up a bit until you find the FundsFi Community Roles Reaction Roles Options:

2. Check out all the docs & links linked in the channel.

3. While you wait until new tasks come up get to know someone else and team up with them!

Learn more about the FundsFi Community Teams in our whitepaper and join our discord to participate in them!

Learn more about us:
Website: https://index.fundsfi.fund/
Main Website: https://www.fundsfi.fund — Launching Soon
About Us: https://about.fundsfi.fund
Presale: https://presale.fundsfi.fund
Partnership Request Form: https://airtable.com/shrWzg51kDCplJSWf
Sponsor Giveaway Request Form: https://airtable.com/shrcyTFS2NjoyDjDH
Whitepaper: https://one-usd.gitbook.io/fundsfi-whitepaper/
GitHub: https://github.com/TheSpecialNoob/FundsFi-Contracts
Medium: https://medium.com/@FundsFi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FundsFi
FlipBoard: https://flipboard.com/@FundsFi
Telegram: https://t.me/+ICMCiOUkYb8zMzZh



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