How to Post a Blog on Defi Blogs?

Defi Blogs is a web3 decentralized blogging platform giving completely ownership to the creators currently on the Avalanche C-Chain.

Tutorial — How to post a blog on Defi Blogs?

Keep in mind that all blogs content is uploaded onto the IPFS network and then minted as NFT’s and then sent to the blogger!

  1. Head on over the Defi Blogs Platform!

2. Connect your wallet! Using any of the options!
(Don’t worry the wallet connection is safe & secure with moralis authentication)

3. Make sure to sign the Moralis Request After Connecting!

4. Click on the New Story button to write your first blog!

5. You’ll see this screen! Type your first ever blog content!

5.5 Make sure to write your blog before you publish!

6. Publish your first ever blog!

7. After this you’ll be asked for 0.30 AVAX to upload your blog content to the IPFS & mint it as an NFT and send it to you the blogger!

So make sure to have some AVAX in your wallet!



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