FundsFi Round 2 Presale Over — Refunds + Speeding Up Development+ NETWORK Updates

FundsFi Round 2 Presale has ended but it was a failed auction on sushi swap. We raised 220 $USDT on Harmony Sushi Swap MISO FundsFi. But we set the minimum amount raised to 100% which was a mistake which caused auction to fail.

To get your refund for the round 2: GO TO: And then click withdraw if would like your USDT back.

We will be doing the presale on our website from now on. The Round 2 Presale will be restarted soon and relaunched soon.

There was a scam coin launched on SushiSwap with some LP. (Scam Token Contract Address:0x69d73153d85b7cdea9e4fca3cbbaf48e4e441357

The scam token launched and it was rugged! Please be aware of our actual $FUNDS Contract Address. (Sushi Analytics)

0x69d73153d85b7cdea9e4fca3cbbaf48e4e441357 — Scam Token Address

Our $FUNDS Contract Address: 0x135f763C5Fa7354f62B2b5BeC662Daa3f69c80DC


The NETWORK was originally launched to create massive oppurtinities for everyone within Harmony Ecosystem & Other Networks. We would like to launch our first ever branch of FundsFi. A massive oppurtinity to become part of a amazing core team in a amazing project that provides value to Harmony Ecosystem. FundsFi develop the smart contracts, backend etc all for you! (NOTE: You can host websites under our domain.

Our Projects Will be more complex and more value providing as we slowly switch our main foucs to the NETWORK. NFT Project: We can help design, deploy websites & smart contracts. And also, discord, Name: Harmony’s Tall Tales About: Documenting: Crazy unique projects, events happening within Harmony for everyone to forever see in a story type manner! Suggested Tokens: NFT’s, Self Rewarding Token (No Staking Required) (FundsFi can help deploy all of this for you!) We Need: Founders, Funders, Fungers, Developers, Innovators, Networkers.

We will updaing the grant allocation to allocate some $FUNDS to projects in our NETWORK. That means you will be paid by FundsFi creating branches of FundsFi. There is currently a offer in #teams Check it out. The NEX is currently looking for a marketer. Go to teams then go to the the NEX thread

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