FundsFi Project Updates + Whitepaper Update + New Team Members

A Reminder of the RoadMap of FundsFi

FundsFi Roadmap of what’s coming after the presale. We have been talking to a lot of project’s lately and we have some very amazing partnerships coming up. FundsFi is an Incubator & an Investment DAO

After partnering with a lot of project’s we will be giving out monthly grants to partnered projects from the treasury.

During that time we will be working on the multi-project staking pools. Staking Pools Daap will launch sometime during April.

Then we will working on P2E games that we are developing and they will launch sometime during April.

Note: During development of our daaps we will be providing our & partnered projects teams and communities with:

  • Treasury Investments — Into Partnered Projects & there will be a lot proposals by governors on where to invest treasury funds.
  • Monthly Grants — There are 4 types of grants given to partnered projects. Check out our whitepaper to learn more.
  • FundsFi Community Teams — There are 3 Teams: Networkers, Advertisers, Developers and they will get monthly allocations from the treasury for rewards for completion of tasks.
  • Sponsored Community Events — This can include Airdrops, Giveaways, Contests etc. We will host them monthly for our and partnered project communities.
  • Governor Proposals — Applications aren’t out yet but partnered project Founders will become governors and can create proposals to change anything in the ecosystem or to invest funds from FundsFi treasury.
  • Development Support — This is for partnered projects provided by FundsFi community teams and our core developers. These tasks will be paid by us and partnered projects
  • Comprehensive Analysis — We will be doing optional quarterly reports of partnered projects with actions for improvements. Partnered Project’s can choose to opt out of this.

Take a look at the whitepaper linked below for more details.

Whitepaper Update

Now there is “What We Offer Page” on our whitepaper. This should clear some confusion up for FundsFi.

We’ve also added more details on the Treasury Page of our whitepaper now there is a treasury allocations sheet and multi-sig wallet for treasury funds.

FundsFi Treasury Allocations

FundsFi Treasury Wallet

Every Investment, Grants will be done through the FundsFi Treasury.

Multi-sig Wallet FundsFi Treasury Contract : 0xA3C5c6121C4C65AD8b99c53a80cc2af7F369aaD3

Treasury Trackers

Harmony Tracker :0xA3C5c6121C4C65AD8b99c53a80cc2af7F369aaD3

Zapper Treasury Tracker:

(NOTE: There is currently some test $ONE in there. Funds will be deposited soon in a couple of days after we get our whole team as signers.)

You can always send over any funds to support the project!

New Team Members

We have 4 New Developers on our core developers team!

About:I started out as pure Blockchain developer and then got into Solidity. I have a passion for building product on web3 which can makes blockchain a daily used product for commoners.
Experience: I have about a year and half of experience. Where I first started out with Hackathons, winning many of those for my decentralised projects. I am also the lead solidity dev for IMX PUNKS

About: More Info will be adding soon.
Experience: More Info will be added soon.

About: I started out as pure Game Dev and then got into Solidity/Web3. I have a passion for building games and extended reality experiences.
Experience: I have about an year of experience. Where I first started out with Hackathons and Bounties, winning many of those for my Game fi and NFT projects. I am also the lead solidity dev for Chibi Cats Cafe and Atlantys and EzTools.

About: Lead Backend Developer for FundsFi
Experience: More Info will be added soon.


Currently our core team and partnered project founders can create proposals for the FundsFi Ecosystem. Currently there aren’t any applications for governors yet but if you can message our mod KLEO or me about becoming a governor we can chat about:

  • Your Skills In Crypto
  • Your Experience
  • How you can benefit FundsFi by becoming a governor

Learn more about us:
Presale Website:
Partnership Request Form:
Sponsor Giveaway Request Form:



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