FundsFi Project Update + NFT Minting Website + Presale Coming Up + Whitepaper Update

3 min readFeb 15, 2022


FundsFi Project Update,

Project Growth

We are very grateful for the growth that has happened the past couple of weeks. We launched sometime around February 1st and since then we’ve grown to over 180+ members on our server. We’ve also applied for some launchpads on …… to get us off the ground and continue to grow the community. Remember the presale is happening March 5th so be sure to get your spot now.

Happy Sunday, the Dev’s have been hard at work behind the scenes working on the NFT minting website for all of the rounds and the presale website to make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate in the presale. Keep in mind we will be selling Round 1 NFT’s for 100 ONE and currently on Metatrone the prices are ranging between 60–90 ONE.

NFT Minting Website


We are very happy to announce our first NFT minting website at where you can mint round 1 presale NFTs to get whitelisted for presale of FUNDS in Round 1. The presale website for all of the rounds is ready to and will likely come online today. Here is a preview:

Presale Coming Up

The First Round of presale of $FUNDS is happening on March 5th priced $0.10 and there are only 10 Million FUNDS being sold and the max available per participant is 100,000 FUNDS so make sure to get whitelisted, and even then try to get in quick because the spots are filling up very fast. Check out the presale terms of all 4 rounds + Whitelisting requirements in this medium article.

Whitepaper Update

Updated Groups/Pages:

Partnerships & Grants

Updated/Added Pages:

Added Sponsor Giveaway Form

Added Apply for Partnerships Form

Added Apply For Grants Form

Reworded + Added more clarification to Partnerships & Grants.

FundsFi NFT’s utility

Current Big Giveaways in the Server Ending in 3 Days:

Learn more about us:





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