FundsFi NFT Contest + Project Updates

FundsFi NFT Contest

There is an NFT contest held within the discord. Details are:

FundsFi NFT’s with real utility within the project and more coming up very soon stay tuned…👀

FundsFi Presale Coming Up March 4th:

Remember the $FUNDS presale is happening March 5th. Here is the Info:

  • Round 1–10 million $FUNDS tokens for $0.10 each (Starting March 5th)
  • Round 2–20 million $FUNDS tokens for $0.20 each (TBD)
  • Round 3–30 million $FUNDS tokens for $0.30 each (TBD)
  • Round 4–40 million 4FUNDS tokens for $0.40 each (TBD)
  • Round 1–1 month after the presale
  • Round 2–2 months after the presale
  • Round 3–3 months after the presale
  • Round 4–4 months after the presale

Whitelisting Requirements

Whitelisting Requirements:
(Note the invites stack so of you have 10 invites you would actually be whitelisted for all rounds. So if you just invite 6 users then you would be whitelisted for Round 4 and 3.)


Buy our NFT’s on our website to get instantly whitelisted (You still have to fill out the whitelist form to get the role in the discord):
Round 1 NFT: 100 ONE
Round 2 NFT: TBD ONE
Round 3 NFT: TBD ONE
Round 4 NFT: TBD ONE



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