Defi Blogs Content Regulation Policy & Enforcement Plan

We understand the risks of using a completely open no censorship blogging platform! We want to create reasonable content guidelines on our web3 decentralized blogging platform.

Defi Blogs will be compliant with every country’s content & copyright policy to the best our abilities and while aiming to preserve the values of web3 & the decentralized world!

Content Regulation Policy

We plan to be on all EVM compatible chains and be available world wide in every country.

Content Regulation Policy Release Coming Soon…

Rules & Regulations Enforcement Plan

We’ve made a decision to use to Algorithm’s and AI to manage and enforce regulations on the content that the user is creating on our platform.

Algorithm Implementation

An Algorithm made by DefiBlogs that is compliant with countries around the world and will do a check on the blog pre-publication to make sure the blog is compliant worldwide.

This algorithm will also make sure that there is no content that is being published that endorses criminal activity etc.

This algorithm will be open source and users can contribute to it. The algorithm will be implemented onto the platform towards the end of august.


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