Beta Testers Program For Avalanche’s Community — DefiBlogs

Defiblogs is a Create2Earn web3 decentralized social media blogging platform that allows for true content ownership to every content creator.

Defi Blogs is only looking for 10K beta testers to try out our web3 blogging platform!

Only the first 10K bloggers Beta Testers will get the amazing lifetime perks that

Lifetime Perks — Beta Testers

  • Beta Tester Role In Discord
  • WL (Whitelist) to all future NFT collections mints from FundsFi & DefiBlogs & with collaborations with other projects NFT launches!
  • Special Collab Giveaways for Beta Testers ( We’ll be going cross chain to 20+ EVM compatible chains in a month or so after AVAX and we’ll be doing a lot of collab giveaways)

Check out our article on “How to Post a blog on DefiBlogs”

How to Become a Beta Tester?

  1. Blog at & publish the blog as NFT for 0.3 AVAX. Your blog will be minted as NFT and sent to your wallet!
  2. Register here are at:
  3. Join Guild through discord & Enjoy your lifetime perks!


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Contract Address: 0x636F8301a3E35247Bcd6069B97B20093f2aa791



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